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Android KwikReports Feature comparison

KwikReports has researched the market and could not find any mobile reporting software that compares. If you know of any software that matches or exceeds the features offered by KwikReports, please contact Info@kwikreports.com

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Instand Previews
Detailed Field Audit
Auto Photo Processing
1800+ Database Deficiency paragraphs PRE-LOADED, add to, subtract from and customization.
3 Clicks to full database deficiency description
Online Order Form
Repopulate Previouse reports OFF LINE
Create Custom Templates For "Cookie Cutter Properties"
Data Collection Flows alongside typical inspection protocal
Simultaneous report writing
Add your own corporate logo to your report template
Add your own corporate watermark to your report template
Inspection Agreement included. "Copy & Paste" your own Inspection Agreement to be included as an optional attachment to report deliveries.
Multiple inspector management for larger operations
20,000+ historical inspection data retention and re population.
Preview on site with client and copy client for delivery from server.
Photo capture of data plate labels for auto report population
Online inspection database management
Capture clients signature on Android device
Update and sign Inspection agreement on Android