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KwikReports Introduction


    To begin using KwikReports immediately:
  1. or search "KwikReports on the Android Market.
  2. Begin Using KwikReports in Evaluation Mode; OR
  3. Create Your KwikReports Account and Enter Your Activation Code In Your KwikReports App.

Once your configuration files have finished downloading the android screen will switch to the "Full Home Preview". You may now want to download your included deficiency database. Do this by selecting database icon     from the top menu and then select "Update Database" at the bottom of your screen to begin your database download.

KwikStart Guide Video

KwikReports is a revolutionary concept designed by Home Inspectors for Home Inspectors. The challenges facing the industry from demanding consumers require advanced technology. The applications developed by KwikReports are designed to help you increase efficiency and productivity while performing Inspections. Therefore, allowing you to remain competitive in a demanding market.

KwikReports is an application designed for the Android operating system. Users of the KwikReports application should consult with their device manufacturer operation manual for basic operation of the device and navigating the Android operating system.

We have created this User's Guide to assist you in navigating the KwikReports Home Inspector application. Although KwikReports is designed by Home Inspectors for your use, we encourage you to customize the content of your inspection reports to meet your report writing style and needs. Visit your report customization page once logged into yout account to edit your report content and database entries.

Users should also keep in mind that reports created using KwikReports merely reflect data entered by the User. Please use caution and review your previews prior to submitting your report for processing. KwikReports is not responsible for errors or omissions due to User input. Please review our End User License Agreement at for more information.

KwikReports is committed to providing quality products and services to our users. We encourage you to join our online forums and provide valuable feedback that can help you exceed in your industry.

    KwikReports provides the most comprehensive report writing application available on mobile devices. Inspection types now available within the KwikReports Application include:
  • Comprehensive Home Inspection
  • Condominium Inspectionpection
  • Chinese Drywall Inspectionpection
  • Four Point Insurance Inspection (Florida)
  • Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspection (Florida)
  • Roof Certification (Florida)

Please monitor our home page for more report types as they become available and to submit your request for report types specific to your region.

Each section of data entry not only provides you with observation selections, but also allows you to select maintenance and review recommendations that will help you assist your client in

Tips & Tricks: We have provided tips & tricks throughout this user's guide in order to assist users with navigating the KwikReports application.

Use the index below to navigate to the user manual section you are interested in.

Chapter 1 - Managing Your KwikReports Account
Chapter 2 - Menu Options
Chapter 3 - Entering Inspection Data
Chapter 4 - REPORTS
Chapter 5 - INSPECTION
Chapter 6 - CLIENTS
Chapter 7 - START
Chapter 8 - EXTERIOR
Chapter 9 - ROOF
Chapter 10 - INTERIOR
Chapter 11 - INSULATION
Chapter 12 - STRUCTURE
Chapter 13 - ELECTRIC
Chapter 14 - HVAC
Chapter 15 - PLUMBING
Chapter 16 - DRYWALL
Chapter 17 - DATABASE
Chapter 18 - UPLOAD