The Database section is comprised of a robust "commentary database" designed by Home Inspectors for practical use in reporting observations and deficiencies. The Database section also serves another purpose as it provides a detailed explanation of the photos entered into the report by the user.

The user should note that although the database is installed on your device with over 1,800 entries, all entries are customizable through a user account at (Users receive login information upon completion of the account setup.)

Through the user account, users are provided with several options:

Note: KwikReports has provided a robust database of comments for each element of the inspection. Although the database is written by Home Inspectors, users should familiarize themselves with the database content PRIOR to conducting an inspection with the KwikReports application. Users should edit the database to comply with their own inspection and reporting methods. KwikReports assumes no liability for use of the content provided within. For more information, please consult the KwikReports End User License Agreement contained within the KwikReports application and at

KwikReports Database Navigation

The Database section contains navigation buttons that help guide the user through the process of adding photos, adding comments, and managing added photos/comments to the report:

Add Photos

Tapping on the "Add Photos" button directs the user to the photo management section of KwikReports. Upon entering the photo management section, the KwikReports application automatically "discovers" all the photos taken with the device. These photos are displayed in the preview section at the top of the page.

(Note: photo(s) must be taken prior to entering the photo management section in order for KwikReports to discover and allow the user to enter into the report.)

Within the photo management section, the user is presented with several more navigation and selection buttons to assist with organizing and selecting photos: